Minority Report-Style Billboards Coming to a Highway Near You?

May 2nd, 2012 // In: BLOG // By: Comments 0

Minority Report focuses on a highly tech-driven, mediated reality

Remember the movie “Minority Report” starring Tom Cruise and those individually-targeted ads that appeared when he walked through the building? This seemingly science fiction ad-type may be closer than you think thanks to a recent patent filed by GM.

According to a recent article, the automotive manufacturer, along with OnStar, will use a combination of drivers’ navigational input along with information from external, randomized databases and information about the specific destination to serve up targeted billboard ads to drivers. While news of this type of advertising might be unsettling, drivers can take comfort in the way that GM and OnStar are handling consumer data.

Jalopnik reports that the data is immediately deleted from the ad server following use. The only information stored is on OnStar’s servers as anonymous user requests for destination points. OnStar users are not identifiable with this data. While the technology seems invasive, GM and OnStar are taking exceptional measures to protect consumers’ privacy.

In fact, Jalopnik points out that credit card companies currently keep on file more information “with a much more potentially abusive technology” and use it to serve ads and promote services to customers.

As traditional advertising continues to merge with new technology, these types of ads will continue to crop up. Hopefully, companies will follow the lead of GM and OnStar in handling customer data.

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